Use the example below to create your OWN page on bullying.

Final Paper
Outline printed from Noodletools
  • Big Question: How does bullying impact people?
  • How does bullying impact the Bully?
  • How does bullying impact the Bystander?
  • How does bullying impact theVictim?
  • How does bullying impact theWhistle Blower?
  • The Mirror: how do you know if you’re in bully denial?
  • The Mirror: how do you know if you’re in bully denial?
  • 5 surprising facts about bullying
  • What to say when a bully Is bullying you in the moment?
  • How to confront a bully after the fact?
  • What do if you are a witness?
  • Is it a real problem at our school?
  • What are the different roles that happen when a bullying incident takes place? Bully, Bystander, Victim, Whistle Blower, Postive Intervention
  • What are some administrative actions that can be done to bullies?
  • What are some of the consequences of bullying?
  • Why do bullies bully?
  • Does anyone every deserve to be bullied?
  • What is a worse case scenario for bullying?
  • Has anyone ever died from bullying?
  • Has anyone ever gone to jail from being a bully?
  • Do bullies only exist in school?
  • Will they outgrow it?
  • What support systems are there for you if you are being bullied?
  • What are your options if you are being bullied?
  • 5 Famous whistleblowers?
  • What does cyber bullying look like?
  • How do boys and girls bully differently?
  • What do bullies look for when they are targeting a victim?
  • How can a school culture prevent bullying?
Cool Facts
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List any resources you used. Either:
  • Book title and author
  • Website links:
  • Publication (magazine name or newspaper name)
  • Interview (full name and job title demonstrating credible source)
  • MLA citation format page included
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